In well known surveillance companies in the domain of security allowed ROBERT DEGRAEVE to establish his own company: RDG SECURITY.

The surveillance company RDG SECURITY guarantees an excellent service and meets with all your expectations concerning security of property and persons.
We want to fight the feeling of unsafety. So RDG SECURITY brings about serenity by supplying authority, prevention and intervention at your disposal.
You will appreciate the quality, the seriousness and the professional knowledge.


RDG SECURITY is a company that offers you services concerning protection of people, security of transportable and untransportable property and surveillance at events.
Every mission is previously analyzed, planned and personalized.
When the job is done, you will receive a detailed report.

We propose you an efficient and personal solution that accomplishes your wishes.

PREVENTION of risks in industrial area such as private rooms where people are regaled is very important for us. Due to this we want to avoid accidents as fire, explosion, gas leaks and consequences of the breakdown of electricity.

CONTROL of individuals when they enter of leave secured buildings to avoid robbery of products, valuable objects or important information. We want to obstruct access to dangerous and inaccessible areas.

REACT in case of emergency is self-evident as our agents are trained to provide help and they have skills to evacuate employees. Further they know perfectly which necessary proceedings to do when fire breaks out.

GUARANTEE prevention of all mentioned risks.

FACE UP to unexpected accidents in private rooms.

KEEP UP integrity in the working method.