Adapted and personalized measures in proportion assessing to the wishes of every client and this is in function of the possible risks.

The permanent presence of an RDG SECURITY-agent prevents risks such as robbery, vandalism or voluntarily damage.

Prevention rounds :

These are done on varying moments, based on the contract with the client. The mobile surveillance service reduces the risks concerning burglary, technics or nature (imundation, consequences of lightning, …).

Rounds at the beginning :

Turning off the alarm system, control of the building and treat of employees.

Rounds at the end :

Control of the building and activation of the alarm system.

After burglary, a technical problem etc. an RDG SECURITY-agent can be sent immediately at the place.
The security of places and their contents will be given until the area is safe again.

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Suite à une effraction, un problème technique ou autre, un agent "RDG SECURITY" peut être dépêché sur place. La protection des lieux et de son contenu sera donc assurée jusqu'au rétablissement de la sécurité.

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