Protection of diplomatic buildings: embassies, missions, consulates
Surveillances of diplomatic residences, …

Our RDG SECURITY-agents assure you an efficient authority by permanent presence. They are alert day as well as night.

Our function consists of protecting individuals against every attack on him. We want to safe guard you from robbery or accidents and protect your life. So that includes also prevention of hostage. But your private life will always be respected.

The conduct of RDG SECURITY aims at prevention of attack by creating operational policies in order that the attack can not be realized.

Missions done by RDG SECURITY :

  • Deny entrance to the secured area to unauthorized individuals
  • Check employees on absence
  • Never admit smuggling of materials, products or tools
  • Never admit guns or explosives in the secured area
  • Access control: visitors, cleaning employees, substitutes, …
  • Access control: subcontractors, deliveries, …
  • Access control: parkings

Administrative work :

  • Registration and control on visitors
  • Control on post
  • Be stand-by all the time and take care of telephonic reception

Security missions :

  • Protection against fire
  • Control of technical installations: central heating, cold stores, …
  • Prevention rounds inside as well as outside
  • Control of emergency exits, windows, …
  • First aid
  • General surveillance of buildings

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